For Brands

O2O makes it easier to get in-store marketing material and digital assets into cannabis retailers across the country.

Dozens of Brands

Hundreds of Retailers

A strong retail presence is key to driving brand awareness and sales. But it’s resource-intensive to stay in touch with hundreds of stores across regions to keep your products top-of-mind.

Do you struggle to increase your reach across the country and be seen in more stores?

Do you want to free up your sales reps from spending time packing their cars and delivering packages to more time educating retailers?

Do you need a better ROI on your marketing spend while eliminating waste in retail stores?

How it works

Two ways to get your stuff into retailers:

Your stuff in our warehouse


Retail Portal

An industry-first online marketplace where hundreds of retailers from across regions login and place orders for your marketing assets exactly when they need them.

Rep Portal

An easy-to-use portal that allows your sales reps to order and ship assets from our warehouse direct to stores of your choice.

Retail stores across regions

Brands and retailers love using O2O.

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